Tim Monson Photo headshot

Photos by Jeremy Cowart


Hi. I'm Tim, and I love to create and capture beautiful things.

More than anything else, the thing I love about what I do is creating things that accurately represent individuals and businesses. It’s easy to find someone who will take a photograph, or who will design a visually appealing logo – but one of the things that is different about me is my vision for the big-picture. I want to create art, with you as the subject. When I’m taking photos at your wedding, I’m not simply going through a checklist to make sure I get the shots that everyone would want; I am creating something that will capture a lasting memory for you in a unique and artistic way. If I am doing design for your business, I’m not just thinking about what looks visually pleasing; I am crafting an extension of your company and brand. Through each step of the process, from photo shoot to editing, from design to delivery, I want to create something that is truly individual to you.

Reach out to me today, and let’s get creating together.


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